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Not only do our cupcakes in a jar look beautiful but they taste amazing too!!


Our 8oz cupcakes in a jar contains the equivalent of two moist cupcakes layered with a variety of fillings and topped with our delicious frosting. These treats come in a reusable 8 oz jar. Our cupcake jars last up to 10 days without refrigeration and up to 6 months if you choose to freeze them.


Choose from our top 3 Flavors:

1. Nikki's Famous Red Velvet

2. Slap your Mama Good Vanilla Salted Caramel and

3. Our Award Winning Lemon Raspberry


*For Gamma Nu Soror, we will deliver your order to our reception on Friday, July 21st.  

**All Sorors: your order will be ready for pick up at the Pre-Step Show Tailgating, Friday, July 21st 6p - 9pm.

Cupcakes in a Jar (1pk)

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