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Gourmet Menu

*Everything we make is gluten free and peanut free.  Most items are also soy free.  


Our cakes are made from scratch with the finest ingredients.  Below are our most popular.  Don’t see the flavor you love, simply call us.  We will make it especially for you.  Please note GF = Gluten Free; SF = Soy Free; NF= Nut Free; V = Vegan.




10" INCH CAKES $90.00 SERVES 35-40


Mini Cupcakes $15/DOZEN, minimum 2 dozen per flavor

$50 1/4 Sheet Cake (Feeds 16-20 people; Only available in Vanilla, Chocolate or Marble)

$95 1/2 Sheet Cake (Feeds 36-40 people; Only available in Vanilla, Chocolate or Marble)

$160 Full Sheet Cake (Feeds 80-90 people; Only available in Vanilla, Chocolate or Marble)


Nikki's Famous Red Velvet Cake (GF, SF)

The best you’ve never tasted, traditional red cocoa cake with lick your lips delicious homemade cream cheese icing. Pecan nuts over the icing is optional. 

Vanilla Cake (GF, SF, NF or Vegan option)

Traditional vanilla cake.  Light and fluffy with a rich vanilla taste.  Topped with our famous buttercream icing.

Carrot Cake (GF, SF or Vegan option) *$5 Upcharge for pecans

Moist and fluffy carrot cake layered with homemade cream cheese icing.  Contains nuts (pecans). 

Dark Chocolate Goodness Cake (GF, SF, or Vegan option)

Made with rich dark chocolate and topped with dark chocolate icing.

German Chocolate Cake (GF) *$5 Upcharge

Traditional German chocolate layered with a gooey coconut pecan icing, topped with a bit of chocolate buttercream icing. 

Lemon Curd Cake (GF, SF) - $5 upcharge for curd

Layers of lemon cake filled with lemon curd and finished with lemon buttercream icing. 

Salted Caramel Cake (GF, NF) - $5 upcharge

Layers of vanilla cake with salty, sweet caramel between the layers and topped with more salty, sweet caramel and cream cheese frosting.

Other Flavors (Anything with an * can be made vegan)

  • Marble

  • Banana*

  • Cinnamon Latte*

  • Strawberry*

  • Oreo*

  • Lemon* (curd not available in vegan option)

  • Chocolate Salted Caramel

  • Chocolate Sundae

  • Banana pudding

  • S'mores

  • Peach Cobbler



Dessert Bars & Brownies 

Our dessert bars and brownies are packed with layers of rich flavor.  One order comes with 12 bars and the average size bar is 3x3.


Blueberry Apple Pie Bar  - $45 (GF, SF, NF and available in Vegan (vegan contains soy))

The blueberries take this apple pie bar to a whole new level. Sweet fruit filling with a flaky crust. 


Caramel Apple Cream Cheese Bar - $55 (GF, SF, NF)

Caramel apple meet cream cake.  This bar is the perfect blend of two tasty desserts.

Lemon Bars (optional: fruit glaze) - $45 (GF, SF, NF and available DF (DF contains soy))

Lemony goodness on top of a butter shortbread crust and drizzled with your favorite fruit glaze.


Pecan Bar - $50 (GF, SF and available DF (dairy free contains soy))

You haven’t had a pecan bar until you tried this one.  Its rich, butter shortbread crust will melt in your mouth.  Topped with a pecan pie type filling.  Perfection!


Brownies  - $45 (GF, SF, NF, and available in Vegan)

Rich chocolate brownies.  These are pure chocolaty goodness.



Pies & Tarts - all pies and tarts feed 6-8 people

Apple Crumb Pie (also available in other fruit flavors: Cherry, Peach, Blueberry and Mixed Berry) - $24 (GF, SF, NF)

Fresh sliced apples tossed in cinnamon and sugar and placed into our signature all butter pie crust. Topped with a buttery cinnamon crumble.


Cheesecakes (plain, fruit, red velvet, cookies and cream, apple pie and chocolate) -  starting at $55 (GF, SF, NF)

Our homemade cheesecake is made with cream cheese, sugar & eggs. Baked in our signature cookie crust.


Chocolate Praline Tart - $35 (GF, SF)

The perfect marriage of chocolate and pecans.  This rich, chocolatey tart filled with pralines will melt in your mouth.  


Sweet Potato - $16 (GF, SF)

This age old made from scratch pie is a family and customer favorite.  Nothing like a homemade sweet potato pie.



Specialty Desserts

Cupcakes in a Jar -  ($8.50 - 8oz/ $4.25 - 4oz) (GF, SF or Vegan Option)

Available flavors: vanilla, chocolate, vanilla salted caramel, chocolate salted caramel, red velvet.  Vegan flavors: vanilla, cinnamon latte or chocolate.  

Sweet Potato Roll - $60 (GF)

A moist and light roll made of sweet potato cake,  rolled and generously filled with a vanilla cream cheese filling.

Pumpkin Roll - $60 (GF)

A moist, spiced pumpkin sheet cake is spread with a vanilla cream cheese filling, then rolled up and dusted with powdered sugar.

Cookies - $24/dozen or $2 each

Chocolate Chip (GF, NF or Vegan Option;) (*THERE IS A $3 UPCHARGE FOR VEGAN)

Double Chocolate Chip (GF, SF, NF or Vegan Option) (*THERE IS A $3 UPCHARGE FOR VEGAN)

Oatmeal Raisin (GF, SF, NF or  Vegan Option)

Sugar Cookies (GF, SF, or NF) 

Cut Out/Specialty Sugar Cookies, (GF, SF, NF ; not available in vegan) starting at $48/dozen 

*Can add image/logo to shortbread cookies.  


Muffins/Scones - Muffins are $3 each or $33/dozen; scones are $5/each or $50/dozen)

Blueberry (GF, SF, NF)

Strawberry Lemon (GF, SF, NF)

Double Chocolate Chip (GF, SF, NF or Vegan Option)

Morning Glory Muffins (contains tree nuts) (GF)




Three Peppers & Cheese ...................................$35 (GF, SF, NF)

Red, green and yellow peppers with onions, garlic and Monterey jack cheese.

Spinach & Mushroom ...................................$35 (GF, SF, NF)

Sauted spinach  and mushroom with onions, garlic, asiago and Monterey jack cheese.


French Toast Casserole (8x8)

Cinnamon Apple ...................................$35 (GF, SF, NF)

Layers of bread and apples baked in a creamy cinnamon custard.


Maple Banana Nut ...................................$35 (GF, SF)

A maple banana pecan custard ladled over toasted bread and baked to perfection. 


Soups & Sandwiches

Soups (Flavors vary weekend)

8oz Cup ............................. $5

Sandwiches w/chips (sandwiches come with a bag of chips)

Vegan Chickpea "Chicken" Salad Sandwich ...................................$11


Chicken Salad Sandwich ...................................$10

Grilled Cheese Panini ...................................$10

BLAT - Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato ...................................$10






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